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Any bedroom looks interesting and stunning if its bed is covered by a beautiful sheet set. The largest thing in the bedroom that is the center of attraction is its bed and the sheet sets it is covered with. If it is occupied by a beautiful high-quality sheet set, it can be a matter of talk among the women. Women usually take these things in their talks such as nice sheet sets! Very interesting designs! And much more such things!

We are Australian based company that deal in wool quilts and bed linen products. We have a huge range and designs of sheet sets that anyone would love to have. Our website includes sheet sets for different bedrooms and different styles. The fabric of the sheet sets you will love and will not make up your mind to get up off the bed. We offer sheet sets that are soft, comfortable, and ideal for any season. We have an exclusive range of sheet sets with different colors available on the website.

What is included in the sheet sets?

In a single sheet set, one single flat sheet is included, one single fitted sheet is included and one standard size pillow is included.

Ina double sheet set, one double flat sheet, one double fitted sheet and two standard sized pillows are included.

Sheet sets can be of different types according to the size of the bed.

King size sheet sets are a bit larger than queen size sheet sets and include. One flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and pillows depending on the bed. If the sheet is single, one pillow is available and for a double bed sheet, two pillows are available.

If you are searching for the best bed sheets and sheet sets for your home, you are at the right place. We have the best sheet sets online with great quality fabric and unique colors and designs available in one single store. All the designs of the sheet sets as well as bed sheets alone are lovable recommended by our customers more and more. Our customers’ reviews show it that how much the products of our website are liked. People from all over the globe are highly liking our products especially sheet sets. The prices offered for the sheet sets and other products, in fact, all the products are quite competitive.

Sheet sets for kids

We have sheet sets for kids available at our website. We offer sheets sets for kids as per their love for the trending cartoons characters and animals. The sheets sets for kids are so cute and adorable that you can’t resist yourself to take one for your little ones. Our products specifically for kids are germs-free, comfortable, child loving and with different styles and patterns in different colors available.

The sheets for kids are specially designed by deeply taking care of the comfort level of the small kids. To make their rooms more interesting and happening, unique and more beautiful designs of sheet sets are available for kids at our website.

We are a local wool quilt and bed linen products manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. We also pay lots of attention towards our website Luxor Linen to provide the best customer support 24×7 with a guarantee of the fabric with superior quality.

Sheet sets when perfectly tucked in on the bed with no creases and the whole room is perfectly arranged and decorated with small little things, then these sheet sets look even more eye-catching and amazing. The fabric of the sheet sets can be seen from far away to check the quality of the sheets. We don’t compromise with the quality of the products whether they are sheet sets or wool quilts. We are known for the superior quality services in products, customer support, the range of price as well as the range of designs and colors. We continue to be serving our customers the most beautiful and high-quality products so that they continue to have faith in us and continue shopping with us.

Luxor Linen: Superior Wool Quilt & Bedding Products Supplier

Luxor Linen is one of the Australian leading wool quilt manufacturer and bedding products supplier in Sydney. We supply top of the range high-quality wool quilts manufactured in Sydney locally at direct factory price; we also sell Quilt Covers, Sheet Sets, Mattress Underlays, Mattress Toppers, Pillows and all other bedding products, top quality, but wholesale price.

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