Luxor Linen Wool Quilts – 7 Reasons to Buy Wool Quilts

Wool is one of the finest fibres that have many benefits in all the seasons of the year. It has millions of air pockets that make it control temperature in winters as well as summers. Not only this, it has the capacity to absorb 1/3 of its weight gain due to moisture and make it feel clammy. Let me tell you some of the awesome reasons to buy a wool quilt that will make you feel like buying them.

  • Anti-allergic

Unlike other quilts, wool quilts are anti-allergic. Anyone can use this type of quilt without fearing of having any allergy from it like we have with other winter quilts. Some quilts even cause irritation. But you will not get any kind of complaint from wool quilts.

  • Soil Resistant

Being a soft fibre, wool is very good in resisting soil. This fibre does not get dirty or dusty for months only because of its soil resistant feature. And if you want to clean the quilt, it’s as simple as cleaning ordinary winter clothes. You can use for longer time than other winter clothes and quilts.

  • Liquid Repellent

Wool has the characteristics to absorb moisture as well as any kind of liquid. It can absorb one-third of its weight because of its absorbing nature. This is the reason why it is light in weight than blankets. That is why; it is also called as the liquid repellent quilt.

  • Fire Resistant

Wool does not acquire heat easily. It takes the time to get heated or melted when ignited. Therefore, it does not cause harmful burns and cannot even stick to one’s skin. This is one of the reasons that it is often used and loved by many people.

  • Temperature Regulator

Wool has the property to regulate body temperature according to the seasons. If it’s cold in the room, the wool quilt will keep you warm enough to make you feel comfortable. And even if it’s hot, the quilt adjusts the temperature of the body accordingly. This thing is very important to have a sound and restful sleep.

  • Durable

Wool is durable and lasts for years even if you use it regularly. It is one of the best choices for those who tend to have high body temperatures under other types of traditional quilts. If you are looking for the wool quilt that lasts longer and controls your body temperature under different temperatures, the wool quilt is for you.

  • Adds beauty to your bed

The designs and sight of wool quilts are so adorable and smooth that soothes the eyes and body both. It not only helps you in keeping you warm but also adds beauty to your bed and eventually to your room. Wool quilts come up with different designs and styles that you can’t resist to have a look and buy them.

Having a wool quilt is simple than heavier quilts and blankets. But you need to keep them aired regularly so as to get rid of the odour that may be caused. Airing in the sunlight will remove odour from the quilt as well as removes dust particles and mites that may occur in it. You can clean the wool quilts in the machine as well as you can dry clean it.

Wool quilts look beautiful and the touch that felt in using it and taking it over you is amazing. These quilts are easy to carry and hold on your body. You don’t have to feel clammy when you use it due to their light weight property. I would recommend you to get wool quilts for your children especially for the ones whose temperature raises high at nights.

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