Luxor Linen: Superior Wool Quilt & Bedding Products Supplier

Luxor Linen: Superior Wool Quilt & Bedding Products Supplier Luxor Linen is one of the Australian leading wool quilt manufacturer and bedding products supplier in Sydney. We supply top of the range high-quality wool quilts manufactured in Sydney locally at direct factory price; we also sell Quilt Covers, Sheet Sets, Mattress Underlays, Mattress Toppers, Pillows […]

Quilt Cover – The Must Have Bed Linens

Quilt covers are used in a similar way as blankets and consist of a flat soft bag that’s full of either feathers or down, or sometimes both. Down feathers, originates from the sea duck, and valued for their insulation properties were first used in Eastern Europe to fill the quilt covers. The utilization of these bed coverings simplify the making of a bed because it doesn’t involve layers of blankets and sheets that are usually placed on the bed. it is single sheeting that’s placed over the bed itself. Quilt covers aren’t the same as a […]

Wool Quilts – Outstanding selection for cold climate.

It is common to utilize wool in quilts. These wool quilts are outstanding for cold climate. Wool quilts hold warm amazingly well. Wool most likely keeps warm superior to cotton and has the same wicking properties (they draw dampness far from your body and permits it to vanish.) Wool quilts were extremely normal amid the […]