Luxor Linen Pty Ltd is the premier source for all your bedding and manchester needs. We have a long history of reliability and expertise in designing, creating, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing both imported and locally produced items. Our experience allows us to achieve our aim of delivering value to our customers by providing premium quality goods at fiercely competitive prices. All of our wool products are Australian made with 100% pure new Australian wool, produced at our very own headquarters in Smithfield, NSW. Anything we don’t make ourselves is sourced from trusted and reliable suppliers, both domestic and international. Additionally, we are a 100% Australian owned company with the highest levels of quality control and manufacturing standards.

Our products epitomise the higher levels of comfort, quality and health that can only be found in specialist producers such as ourselves. We rely on the recommendations from our many satisfied customers for our business to grow, and hope that you too can enjoy the quality of our products.

Our Competitive Advantage

As a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer that sells online, we are able to provide a 24/7 service at a substantially lower cost than traditional brick and mortar retailers who have to operate many physical stores with high rents, costs and distribution overheads. Because we don’t have these overheads, we are able to offer the most competitive prices while maintaining our superior quality.

Great Customer Service

Before and after sales, you have access to our well-trained team of customer support staff, available 7 days and always answering your emails within one working day. Our Sydney based customer support team is always eager to answer your calls and emails, so we’ve made sure that wherever you are on the site, you can always find our contact details.

Our Guarantee

Every wool quilt sold by Luxor Linen Pty Ltd is covered by 5 years’ warranty. We also endeavor to provide customers with replacement warranty for any products within 7 days from the date of purchase. It does not cover faults arising from improper use, accidental damage or neglect. Warranty benefits apply equally to wholesale orders and online customers, giving you the confidence to experience the superior quality of Luxor Linen. Management.